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If you’re a growing footwear retailer, you know how imperative strong merchandising skills, inventory management, and customer relations are. Distributors can get you the products on your shelves. But even then, sometimes you can’t provide the right product to your customers. The traditional retail mindset of inventory management is to plan, set, and forget. You expect to sell boots in the winter, sandals in the summer, and leave it at that. But what about unseasonably cold falls, and rainy summers? Retailers need to be prepared for reorders and vendor swaps to avoid disappointing customers by addressing their requirements at the right moment. All these will reduce timely connection with customers and dump products which don’t have any current demand as dead-stock. All these troubles can now be sorted when you get to deal with Foscher!


Innovative B2B E-Commerce Model

Retailers can directly place orders from Foscher through an online system. Stocks are only dispatched as per the retailer’s request based on instant consumer demand. This will enable faster response to changing trends, as well as concerns, and demands from the consumers.

Company to Retailer direct operations

Direct communication between retailers and Fosher will help in keeping touch with the consumers, as well as getting insights about the most up to date market trend. This will enable faster solutions to every business concern resulting in superlative consumer satisfaction.

Faster supply chain

The direct relationship between retailer and Foscher without intermediaries will automatically make the delivery process faster. This will enable the availability of designs as per the latest trends as well as market demand in a lesser time span.

Less dead stock at warehouses

Since new stocks are strictly ordered as per real-time market demand in Foscher model, those products which are not in demand will not get accumulated in warehouses. This will drastically minimize dead stocks, reducing maintenance costs and increasing process efficiency.

Centralized Stock System

Stocks will be despatched directly from the factory to various regional central storage houses. From there, respective stocks will be reaching the retailer who requested for it. This will make the entire supply chain faster and simpler.

Timely availability of latest fashion in the market

The latest fashioned products can be despatched to the market at the right time via this efficient business model from Foscher. When the latest fashioned products are available faster, its lifetime too will last longer, resulting in more revenue and increased consumer satisfaction.

Increased profitability for all business partners

The direct relationship between retailers and Foscher will avoid intermediaries. To be added, optimum storage needs will lower maintenance costs. All these will make products available at cost-effective prices, increasing the profit-share.

More ethical yet safe way to do business

Foscher’s strict regulations in granting regional partnerships will drastically reduce inter-regional competition and conflicts. This will open up a safer, ethical way to do local business with minimal risk.

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