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Foscher: Revolutionising the Indian Footwear Retail Industry

Footwears aren’t just a fashion statement, more than fashion it’s a necessity. From protecting our feet, making statements to influencing culture, footwears are capable of many extraordinary feats. They don’t just move the feet, moreover, they move culture and communities. From the first time, someone wrapped leather around their feet to this day, footwear has evolved into a culture and a billion-dollar industry.

With Foscher we are pushing the envelope. Footwear will no longer be just a fashion statement. We are putting the active back into footwears. Offering people footwears that will give them access to fashion and active lifestyle simultaneously. What we are endeavoring, is to offer the active enthusiasts around the world a wide range of innovative and comforting footwears. That would help them in their every adventure. Let it be a walk to the office, a quick jog or a hike to your favorite place, our footwear is made to get you there in comfort and in style. Foscher aspires to inspire a new generation of active life seekers and promote an active lifestyle all around the world.

Foscher is a lifestyle retail brand that brings international footwear and fashion brands under a single roof. We first got into the footwear business in 1999 and introduced a line up of authentic and fashion brands that became a huge success in the market. We are the sole distributors of exclusive brands that are creating a revolution in the industry and capturing the imagination of many.

Every shoe has a purpose, so do we

Our purpose is to move a generation of active lifestyle seekers and create a fit, healthy and active communities. To bring about an active lifestyle revolution by creating and promoting an active culture. Foscher offers sustainable products and innovative solutions to integrate physical activities into everyday life and making it comfortable and enjoyable at the same time.



Go forth live the active life

Puca is all about innovation and fashion. With Puca, we endeavor to spread a culture of passion and quality without compromising on fashion. By combining active lifestyle and fashion we elevate the brand to the next level of an active lifestyle. Puca comprises of products of different categories like shoes, sandals, slip-on, and flip-flops. Here we make quality and comfort affordable so everyone can get a taste of living the active life, in style.

Puca aspires to move a generation of active enthusiasts to build more healthy and active communities. This active lifestyle footwear gives its users the comfort and the edge over every activity. Be it a walk to the store, biking to the office or a trek to the mountains the footwears are more than capable to get you there.



Traditionally comfortable, creatively stylish

There is always a demand in the market for considerably priced lifestyle sandals and that’s were Spot fit in. Spot maintains the perfect mix of trendy and traditional to offer you something that is best of both worlds. Bringing a fresh perspective to stylish supportive footwear. Spot is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a comfortable fashion in their footwear.

Spot is the series of footwear that can be worn with any style you choose and be comfortable with it. Be it traditional or trendy whichever style you choose Spot can help you put it off elegantly with confidence. They will grant you the confidence to pull off anything. And the best part is that they come at affordable prices.



Fashion just got comfortable

With the aggressive designs and stylish looks, Kaido is designed especially for the street-savvy youth. It is an international brand that stands out for it stylish designs and quality. The products are designed with fashion in mind and made for comfort. It can be fashionable, yet comfortable for all age groups.


Improving lifestyle with meaning always brings great value to us. At Foscher with its innovative business model, we plan to revolutionize the footwear retail industry. With PUCA, SPOT, and KAIDO, we plan to bring an array of footwear that gives you the best footwear to your budget, ensuring style and quality balances every aspect of the product. To join this revolution, click here.



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