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If you’re a growing footwear retailer, you know how imperative strong merchandising skills, inventory management, and customer relations are. Distributors can get you the products on your shelves. But even then, sometimes you can’t provide the right product to your customers. The traditional retail mindset of inventory planning is to plan, set, and forget. You expect to sell boots in the winter, sandals in the summer, and leave it at that. But what about unseasonably cold falls, and rainy summers? Retailers need to be prepared for reorders and vendor swaps to avoid disappointing customers who have requirements at that moment. All these troubles can now be sorted when you get to deal with Foscher!
Foscher’s innovative business model brings you a unique distribution model where you don’t have to run for stocks when there is a demand. With this ultimate business model, you could get the products you need at the moment you want. To be added, you don’t have to buy all the sizes for a single product, you can stock just the sizes in demand with no other extra charges. If your target market has a great demand for a particular size, this feature is indeed a good thing as you don’t have to buy all of the sizes of the same product to sell one particular size. Be wise, just think out of the box and choose Foscher!


The process is now easier. Right after placing the order, the products will be dispatched from the manufacturing point to the company warehouse. This will be sorted and will get shipped towards the district dealer. Dealers will directly get connected to your outlet!

No additional taxes
No additional transportation charges
No warehousing and
No more freights!

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