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Story Of Puca Shoes – The Next Stage Of Shoe Evolution

The world was changing so radically and while we were running to catch up, most of us kind of overlooked the changes happening right under our feet. There was a revolution happening under our feet – with our footwear. The technology was doing wonders in the footwear world. Powered by new technology and innovation the shoes started to evolve. All of a sudden footwears were no longer about protecting feet, more than that they represented style, comfort, fashion, and culture. Technology and design changed everything. Shoes were no longer a commodity, they became something bigger. They became a culture, a culture that went mainstream all over the world.


In the old days, shoes attributed one thing, one thing alone ‘protection’, it had one job, to protect feet. But today it’s a whole different story. Right now when people think of shoes, they think of comfort, style, design, and technology. The powers of technology gave us access to upgrade shoes, from the style to its fit, everything can be now designed to the minute detail.


Puca is the next stage of this revolution. With Puca, we endeavor to change the way people think of shoes. We are revolutionizing shoes and the footwear world with a series of advanced footwear and innovative business models. Shoes would never be the same. Gone are the days they will be used as mere protection for feet. Now on they will be epitomizing comfort, style, and a culture of an active lifestyle. With Puca, we aspire to bring continuous innovation and enhancement into our products and add value to people’s lifestyles.


The name ‘Puca’ was inspired by a creature from the Celtic folklore of the same name. The creatures were said to be shape-shifters who brought good fortunes by giving advice to people, altering their inner spirit and changing communities. With the brand Puca, we also aspire to revolutionise the shoe world and industry by offering innovative shoes that promote an active culture, thus creating more active communities and a healthy planet.


Puca is labeled to spread an inspiring lifestyle that reflects a culture of passion and quality. It elevates you to the next level of an active lifestyle with the help of advanced technology. Our shoes reflect what has become the hallmarks of our brand – a deep-rooted cultural sensibility combined with technology and innovation. It offers products in different categories, including shoes, sandals, slip-on, & flip-flops. Here are some of the advanced technologies that we have integrated into Puca Shoes.



A lightweight foam developed out of the necessity of having something to assist in natural stability and comfort. Lighter and more cushioned than the traditional foams, BOUNCE-FOAM delivers an ultra-responsive performance every single time it gets to work.


The HEXAFLOW cushion has hexagonal holes carved out of the insole to provide the best ventilation to the foot. The density hence pushed back into the leftover insole to function as cushioned as a full regular Insole. The evacuation of the sweat via these holes make the footbed/insole the best for people affected by heavy sweating.


A Protective Film to ensure the sturdiness of an upper, to support the arches of the feet, to enhance the performance of a user looking to have an active performance regularly. PROFILM makes sure that your feet are duly supported from either end to have a firm and collective shape provided to the feet while running or performing any activity.


THERMOULD uses a stiff, thermo-protective coating to retain the last shape for resisting irregular shape and discomfort. It supports the balance of the foot inside a shoe by cupping or supporting the area it’s made of.


The strategic use of shapes and patterns to expand and contract to adapt to the contours of your foot both at rest and in motion. It’s a STURDY-FIT mechanism that works throughout your movement phase & relaxed phase to deliver a grip where it matters the most.


As soon as you feel a ULTRAFLEX unit under your feet while running, your running experience will never be the same again. It’s the epitome of advancement in technology, it absorbs the impact of your landing foot and converts it into a quick responsive push back for a performance comfort second to none.


Life is too short to put up with rough, uncomfortable, and outdated shoes. Why put up with these when you can have the most advanced shoes that will help you step up your style game in comfort. Puca is for the people who make no compromise. Those who don’t trade comfort for style or style for comfort. We make shoes for them. Because in the end, style is not enough. Style means nothing if it is not comfortable to wear. It takes innovation to bring out the best of both. In Puca, we have utilized both innovation and technology to bring the best of both worlds – comfort and style into our shoes.



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